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Founded in 2013 by Michael Kheng, Kurnia Aerial Photography is now an award winning provider of wide range of commercial aerial photography services. Being amongst the first commercial drone operators in the UK, Kurnia have a wealth of experience, and understanding, about drones and how to achieve the right shots.

We can capture stills up to 24mp and broadcast-quality video up to 6K CinemaDNG and 5.2K ProRes. Our work is carried out using  'Drones' so we are able to work in areas that full size helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft cannot fly and consequently offer greater operational flexibility for low level work from 2ft to 400ft.

We hold a valid Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permission (PfCO), CAA ID 287, to conduct aerial work and have public liability insurance for up to £5 million in place, both legally required to operate Drones within UK airspace.  Our PfCO also permits us to fly at night and we are also one of the few companies to hold a CAA OSC Exemption that permits us to within 10m of structures that are not under our control (normal CAA PfCO permits 50m) and to within 50m of an organised assembly of 1,000 people or more that are not under our control (normal CAA PfCO 150m).


We capture photographs and video from both the air and ground and work across many sectors. Our client base ranges from private individuals to multi national corporations. Whatever your filming requirements are we are happy to take look and find a solution.


First impressions sell so why not have that unique selling point by showing a potential purchaser a view of your property from the air. Not only do we supply still photographs but also can provide a short video fly around your property (subject to conditions and regulations).

We can provide an interactive 360 panorama so potential buyers can see the exact location of your property.




We offer a wide range of services for the commercial sector.

Not only can we provide photographs and videos to help in the sale or letting of a property but we can also carry out aerial surveys quicker and cheaper than conventional methods..

We also film from the ground as well as the air and can produce bespoke corporate videos to promote your business.



We are pleased to be suppliers to the BBC and all major networks and independent production companies.

We are happy to work alone on location or with a producer/director.

For production shoots we always take a minimum of 4 drones with a range of lenses.

We can output live streams from our drones to enable news services to provide live aerial footage via their sat trucks.





Ranging from personal to broadcast photography and videography, we have created impact and stunning work for our clients. Here is a selection of some of our work.



A selection of or broadcast work for BBC and ITV 

Our broadcast work can be viewed on our TV & News Vimeo channel HERE


Fireworks filmed from the air is very unique.

Further examples of our aerial firework filming can be viewed on our Vimeo channel HERE


Aerial shots within a wedding video can add an extra dimension to the final edit.


Our CAA permission permits us to fly at night and capture some fantastic shots.


We can film from the ground and air to make bespoke promotional and corporate videos.

Further examples of our promotional and corporate videos can be viewed on our Vimeo channel HERE








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Operating a drone commercially in the UK without a CAA permission

Operating a drone commercially in the UK without a CAA permission

As the use of drones is rapidly growing, we, Kurnia Aerial Photography, thought we would highlight the legalities of operating a drone commercially in the UK. In light of the incident at Gatwick at the end of 2018 regulations are only going to become tighter going forward. The police are becoming more aware of drones and are starting to act against illegal drone activity. The Gatwick incident has also highlighted the misuse of drones to the general public and they are now reporting drones, even if the drones are being flown within the law.

Although it may be a quick flight to capture a general view of an area, no matter how long the flight is, if it is a commercial operation without a CAA permission, called a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations), the flight is illegal and uninsured.

We have heard several operators try and state what their interpretation of the law is, but if they have not been on a course they may not fully understand, or appreciate, exactly what the law states, or the implications. The course that operators are required to complete before applying for a CAA PfCO is more about air law and procedures than it is about flying a drone. Just because you can fly a drone does not mean that you are aware of the law of the air.

Without a CAA PfCO, you simply cannot operate a drone commercially. This could be for an estate agent, building company or production company. No matter how much you think you can, you cannot. No matter how much you think you are insured, you are not. Your employer may also be liable if they have not checked if the person, they are employing, holds a valid CAA PfCO.

Try to think of a car being insured but you do hold a driving licence. Once you drive the car it is not insured. No matter how much you think it is insured, it simply is not.

Drones are electrical flying machines and as with anything electrical or mechanical they can fail, even if well maintained. Even if a light weight drone falls out of the sky it will cause an injury if it hits someone, especially if it drops from 400ft.

Without a CAA PfCO not only can you not conduct a commercial operation, but you cannot fly within 150m of a congested area. A congested area is defined under law as ‘a city, town or settlement, any area which is substantially used for residential, commercial, industrial or recreational purposes’. This includes a small village. Further you cannot fly within 150m of an open-air assembly of more than 1,000 people.

You cannot fly above 400ft (122m). This means that without a CAA PfCO you cannot fly over houses at all as a group of houses will class the area as a congested area.

In all areas a drone cannot be flown within 50m of a person, structure, vehicle or vessel that is not under the control of the operator.

However, a CAA PfCO holder can fly within a congested area, and in some cases where an exemption has been granted, the operator can have the limits reduced. For example, Kurnia Aerial Photography have an exemption that permits us, under certain circumstances, to fly within 10m of a person, vehicle, vessel or vessel that is not under our control. We are also permitted to fly at night and always are fully insured with cover for public liability up to £5m.

The CAA now have clear guidance of the law on their website which set out what the regulations state. Anyone who does not hold a CAA PfCO and wants to operate a drone commercially in the UK must complete a training course and then write an operation manual. Only then can they apply for a CAA PfCO and only then will they correctly be insured on a commercial operation.

Kurnia Aerial Photography have held a CAA permission for over 5 years now and are happy to offer guidance to anyone looking to become a commercial operator.

For further information please visit the CAA website at

Michael Kheng

CAA PfCO 0287