production & Broadcast

We are approved BBC contractors and also work for other broadcast channels and production companies. We are currently capable of filming up to 5.2K ProRes and 6K CinemaDNG.

We also can offer Mini Cams, Car Mounted Cameras, Cable Cams, Mini Jibs, Pole Cams

Our Vimeo TV and News Channel is HERE

Guy Martin Wall of Death Live - Channel 4 - 2016

On 28 March 2016 Guy Martin set the World Record for the fastest person on a Wall of Death at 78.15 mph. Kurnia Aerial Photography were commissioned to film for the science and build sequences for the pre-recorded part of the live show that went out on Channel 4. This short clip contains our footage from both outside and inside the hanger.

Credits to Channel 4 and North One Productions.

Britain Afloat - BBC - 2017

Aerial footage for the opening and closing sequences of the Britain Afloat series filmed by Kurnia Aerial Photography. In addition we provided the aerial footage for 'The Narrow Boat' episode.

This morning with Phil & holly - ITV - 2016

After hearing about our trials of delivering ice creams by drone ITV asked us to deliver ice creams live on air to Phil & Holly on the This Morning show. This is how we got on.

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